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Learn more about what your MSU NetID does

MSU NetIDs are assigned to all current MSU faculty, staff, students (up to two years after graduation), and retirees. A MSU NetID is a unique, alphanumeric identifier of two to eight characters and is generated automatically from the user's name. For example, Sparty may have an e-mail address of "" and thus, his NetID is "sparty."

MSU NetIDs provide access to the official MSU e-mail system and many other online services on campus. This access is granted based on users' affiliations.

Some of these other services include:

Don't fall for phishing! Phishing is an online scam involving email messages that appear to be from a trusted source. MSU will never send you an email requesting your password. If you suspect a phishing attack, report it and then delete it. Please see SecureIT for more information.